California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility


To perform a financial analysis of California's public pension plans and proposed reforms.

Source: http://www.arnoldfoundation.org/grants

Pension Tracker - Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research


Pension Tracker provides detailed information about the financial status of California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and independent employer agencies in California's counties, cities, and special districts.

Source: http://www.pensiontracker.org/about_pension_tracker.php

E California

Arnold has poured millions of dollars into efforts to eliminate retirement security for California's public employees.  In 2013, Arnold was the leading financier of former San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s failed effort to put a statewide pension-gutting initiative on the ballot.  Later, Arnold funded two-thirds of the pension-ending ballot initiative in Ventura County, an effort that was deemed illegal by the courts.  He also has poured more than $150,000 into the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility and California Pension Reform, two anti-pension efforts in the Golden State.

Up to Total: $2,510,077